What we do

We believe that sustainability and low energy/carbon design requires a dedicated and integrated design approach. We pride ourselves in our ability to appreciate key elements such as local climate, culture, community, stakeholder interests and client brief, prior to recommending smart technologies or sustainable design solutions. 

We use our scientific knowledge and experience in multidisciplinary approaches to determine optimum sustainable solutions that take into account the project vision, required performance and secure cost effectiveness. We ensure that our solutions create optimal environments that will develop and enhance well-being which we take as a measure of success. We keep sustainable solutions simple and efficient thus avoiding unnecessary and additional expense. 

Some of our services include:

  • Advice relating to rating systems comprising mandatory requirements,
  • Building rating systems credits relating to energy, materials, waste or water,
  • Energy and CO2 savings,
  • Building physics / building performance optimisation,
  • Energy assessment/audit for existing buildings,
  • Master planning
  • Competition and technical support. 

Who uses us?

We believe we can best add value to a project if sustainable design is embedded in the initial vision of a project and that we are involved from an early stage. Equally we are delighted to engage at any stage of building design or to enhance the existing characteristics of a development. 

Typically we are engaged by the architect or lead consultant but we also work directly for a range of different clients including developers and other engineers. We offer service packages tailored to specific needs.

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