Façade Engineering


What we do

We believe that the façade is one of the most critical elements influencing a building's visual impact, internal environment, sustainable credentials and construction cost.

An optimised façade delivers significant improvement in aesthetic appearance, occupant comfort, life cycle costs, ease of construction and return on investment.

Utilising the application of advanced modelling, we scrutinise, analyse and develop façade designs from the initial concept stage through to construction to ensure the delivery of an efficient, sustainable and cost effective façade. Our approach ensures that the architectural vision is realised throughout the design process resulting in the delivery of high quality façades.

Some of our services include:

  • Advice and guidance,
  • Structural design of facade elements,
  • Solution development,
  • Façade mock-up identification,
  • Review of detail drawings,
  • Value engineering,
  • Geometry development and rationalistion,
  • Panelisation,
  • Detail packages,
  • Environmental analysis,
  • Site supervision,
  • Competition and technical support.
Complex metal mesh facade over curtain-wall glazing

Complex metal mesh facade over curtain-wall glazing

Who uses us?

Our façade engineering services are used by a range of clients with a varying set of requirements. We are primarily used by architects, lead consultants and developers but also other engineers, including façade engineers, who find our specialist services invaluable.

Not only do we offer a full façade engineering package on projects but we can also offer tailored packages to provide our clients with just the services which they require.

Critical interface gutter detail