What we do

At Optimise we focus and identify Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a holistic project life-cycle process that can offer the maximum benefits and returns to all stakeholders and stages of the design, construction and facilities management industries.

Over our 20 years’ engagement and use of BIM we have seen its growth from a 3D building modelling (BM) tool to become the vehicle for collaboration, project, construction and information management (I) that is now considered as a mandatory requirement on many projects across the globe.

We have extensive international experience with all key stages. From the design development to approval, the generation of construction drawings and documentation and on-site construction/project management, BIM use for fabrication by sub-contractors, handover for facilities and asset management to include well-being engineering for the duration of any assets use. Our all-embracing knowledge base provides us with the firm foundation and understanding to make the correct decisions and deliver the best benefits of BIM to any party at any stage.

Some of our services include:

  • BIM consultancy services,
  • Implementation and management,
  • Design model generation (LOD-100 to LOD-300/350),
  • Construction model generation (LOD-350/400),
  • As-built model generation (LOD-500),
  • Design, construction and as-built drawing extraction,
  • Computer generated image (CGI) production,
  • Model clash detection and resolutions,
  • Model management – geometric and data,
  • Design, construction and as-built drawing extraction,
  • Time and cost-based model analysis (4D & 5D).

Who uses us?

The best benefits are achieved if the understanding and direction of BIM is specified at the outset of a project, before design commences, with the end-use clearly defined. With this focus we ensure a strategy to achieve the maximum return for any stakeholder whilst also ensuring the project team understand and deliver upon the common collaborative goal.

Our staff work collaboratively in BIM with all parties involved in a built asset. With developers to identify and address the best strategy to achieve maximum gains for an assets life-cycle. In design we have delivered services to all sides from architects to structural, MEP and specialist engineers. For the physical delivery we are engaged by main and sub-contractors and project management teams. Finally, the facility management and end-users/tenants to continue the best practice and use of BIM for an asset whilst in-use.

The diverse experience within our staff’s BIM portfolio includes residential, office, retail, hospital, transportation and entertainment.