What we do

We believe that the internal environment of the building is fundamental to its ability to provide a positive and comfortable experience for occupants. One of the key determinants of this ‘desired environment’ is noise and, therefore, the mitigation of unwanted noise or the enhancement of desired noise is critical to the design of the building. We believe that acoustic design should make useful noise sources comprehensible and conceal the ones that are unnecessary or disagreeable, providing each space with acoustic characteristics matched for their use.

Our unique approach to acoustic design will ensure that the internal environment significantly enhances the user-experience be that in transit or at the venue, in the home or a hotel, the workplace or at leisure, in a restaurant or in a retail outlet. We believe that acoustic comfort relies on a balanced combination of interconnected acoustic parameters, all influencing the performance specifications of the building fabric and systems.

Optimise engineers will work collaboratively with the architect and design team, providing input from concept to completion, ensuring the client or strategic partner achieves their aspirations whilst securing compliance with the relevant regulations.

Some of our services include:

  • Initial site appraisal/due diligence/benchmark testing,
  • Environmental noise and vibration outline surveys,
  • Planning application support,
  • Environmental impact assessment,
  • Structure-borne noise assessments and advice on structural isolation,
  • Building envelope sound insulation design,
  • Airborne sound insulation requirements for internal partitioning elements (walls, floors, doors, etc.),
  • Internal and external building services noise and vibration control,
  • Impact noise transmission control and floor finishes requirements,
  • Room acoustic design and specifications for internal sound absorbent finishes,
  • Architectural acoustic design for performing arts and critical listening spaces,
  • Advice and supervision during construction,
  • Construction noise and vibration monitoring,
  • Acoustic pre-completion testing,
  • Provision of sustainability assessment in relation to acoustic credits,
  • Competition and technical support.


Who uses us?

Our engineers work collaboratively with the architect and design team, providing input throughout the process, ensuring the client achieves their aspirations.

Our core expertise covers all building sectors including commercial, residential, education, hospitality, healthcare, public buildings, performing arts and recording studios.

Variable acoustic treament in a studio live room

Variable acoustic treament in a studio live room

3D model of external noise levels

3D model of external noise levels